An invigorating mix of local and videocast speakers:

Elke Brown: Breathe to be present and clarify your future. Elke Brown,  owner of Full Life Yoga Studio, brings over 16 years of teaching experience and passion to her yoga classes. Her gentle and compassionate approach to Yoga make her classes a safe, healthy way to connect with your body, mind, and breath. In addition to her practice and teaching of yoga she has been in a fulfilling marriage for 27 years, has a daughter in college, is a stepmother, grandmother and loves the outdoors.

Vanissa Messer: In pursuit of your true northVanissa Messer, owner of two Penn Valley businesses and mother of 3 teenagers, is passionate about finding or creating grass root efforts to help those less fortunate. She has visited 24 countries so far and has been married 24 years to the same great guy. Her future will include about 24 more countries, at least 24 more years with the same great guy, completing Tough Mudder, and living outside the country 2 months each year doing missionary work.

Kirsten Casey: What can you not not do? Kirsten Casey moved to Nevada County 19 years ago, with her Nevada City native husband, Mark, when her firstborn was three months old.  Now he is a sophomore in college, and his two baby sisters are in high school.  Last year, after a short 25-year writing burst, she released her first collection of poetry, Ex Vivo: Out of the Living Body.  She holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Currently, she is a California Poet in the Schools, leads poetry writing workshops, and assists teens with college entrance essays.  Because of her lifetime love of words and her fascination with contemporary culture, there is never a shortage of poetic inspiration in her life.

Derek Sivers: What role do YOU play–leader or follower?

Matt Cutts: Try something for 30 days.

Patty Dobrowlski: Draw your future.

Jonathan Fields: Turning fear into fuel.

Brene Brown: Vulnerability sets the stage for letting your true self shine.